FF Chronicles guest post, and I love Erin

I've written a guest post on the Flash Fiction Chronicles blog today about writing flash versus writing novels.  Check it, as the kids say.  My glacial-pace novel writing skillz are being put to the test at the moment, with my first graded submission to the university due in less than two weeks.  I'm rather bogged down in the other assignment - the Muriel Spark essay - and my grand schemes of spending the week in the library have been scuppered by the weather.  Screw you, snow.  What with the flu, from which I've just about recovered, and the frozen air and roads, I've left the house once - count it, once - in a week.  That was to see Avatar (3D Imax, oh yeah).  If the library reopens tomorrow, I'll get dressed and breath fresh air, I promise.  In the meantime I've scheduled a reading-break into my essay-panic, and I'm about to drink a large vat of tea.

In other news, huge thanks to the lovely Erin at Rarely Likable (also the genius behind The Northville Review) for listing one of my stories in her 2009 round-up of fiction.  I think Erin's very likeable indeed.


kim mcgowan said...

Hey Valerie
I've just read Beta Bluebeard at http://foreveryyear.blogspot.com/2008/11/1440-co-valerie-oriordan.html and enjoyed it enormously!
Happy new year
(word verification word = pledo)

Valerie O'Riordan said...

Aw, thanks Kim! :-)

Happy new year to you too - and to the Shire horses!