So Long, 2009

Everybody reckons it's the end of the decade, though it seems to me that you'd want to have started counting at Year 0 for that to really be the case - but never mind, I'll gag and restrain my inner (well, quite outer) nerd and we'll carry on.  I'll be thirty in 2010, which means I'll have my own decade to assess soon enough, so for now I'll stick to peering back at just this year.  It's been rather insane - quitting my job, moving to Manchester, starting the MA - and though it's probably been the worst year I've had, financially speaking, since I began work, and therefore rather stressful,  it's been a fantastic one for evaluating priorities and goals and ambitions. I haven't done as much writing as I'd like, but I've still done way more than before.  There's the MA, which has been an excellent experience so far; I've had several publications, been a finalist in a competition and had my first public reading; I've had drinks with Martin Amis!  I've gained a brother-in-law and become an aunt:

I've gotten a gig reviewing books for Bookmunch, and I've secured a work-experience position in a Manchester arts organisation starting in the New Year.  I've read 108 books, and I'm hoping to finish number 109 by midnight. (Nerdiness clearly creeping back in...)  I've been to the cinema considerably less than I would normally, but that's a consequence of the job-quitting and student-becoming; we did however manage to bring my sister's niece on her very first trip to the movies.  She seemed to like it:

The crappier aspects of the year (illness in the family, lack of cash, moronic tenants who can barely turn on the cooker without filing a complaint, my own insane landlord) - well, these have been overshadowed by the better things, though I can't imagine 2010 will be as turbulent.  I'm finishing off 2009 in a ridiculous down-key bedridden mess, having followed up a cosy family Christmas with a bastard of a flu/cold/unidentified virus, to quote my GP, who of course wouldn't see me, but gave me this very specific diagnosis over the phone along with an authorisation code for anti-viral medication.  Happy New Year, from me and my pal, Tamiflu.


Fi said...

Happy New Year to you & Tamiflu! Hope you feel better soon :) (And that sounds like a largely positive, good 2009 for you, so "yay" to that!)

Also - a LOT of books. A lot a lot. I doubt I managed a quarter of that!

Valerie O'Riordan said...

Thanks Fi!

Happy New Year to you and yours too - I hope Hallam is ringing it in in style!

(As for the books - the big test would be if I could remember which books they were without a written list!)