Happy Christmas!

I'm back in Dublin for a week; it's my nephew's first Christmas, and though he's not old enough to get worked up about Santa, the excitement over my glasses knows no bounds:

We've been doing the rounds of relations over the past week, and last Friday we went with my partner's parents on a day trip to Oxford, where we witnessed the ransacking of Borders a few days before the final closure:

I bought a couple of books (Generation A and Glover's Mistake, at half-price) but it was a really depressing experience, and I wonder how many of the people raking through the leftovers were regular customers of the store before it went under?  But maybe I'm being too cynical.  Regardless, I hope all the ex-Borders employees manage to enjoy the holidays despite everything.

Over in my own corner, I've got quite a bit of university work to get done over Christmas, and Santa's also bringing lots of books - Wolf Hall, After The Fire, A Still Small Voice, some Paris Review interviews, The Year of the Flood, Remainder, Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned, and more.  So the work will struggle to make itself seen over the parapet of reading, and there's also babysitting, bringing my niece on her first cinema trip, and the usual glut of eating, drinking, and festive Doctor Who. 

Happy Christmas Eve, internet!

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Susan Gee said...

Ho ho ho Valerie! Our household is also looking forward to being greedy and then collapsing infront of Doctor Who (don't forget to watch Hamlet on boxing day too!). Enjoy your time with your family.