I've been a lazy blogger this week.  I accepted my Kreativ Blogger award and passed it on, and then fell silent, internet-wise.  I wasn't even in work this week, so I have no excuse.  I've been writing and reading and going to class and to a couple of talks (more of which in upcoming posts) and contemplating cinema trips but then failing to leave the house.  I might go as far as Didsbury on Sunday morning, and visit The Art of Tea, where I hear they have a good bookshop.  Despite my student budget, my book-buying habit increases week by week.  One day the piles of Things To Read will collapse on me, wicked-witch-style, and I probably won't even be wearing flashy shoes.  The boiler broke in our flat for two days, but our new best friend, the British Gas Man, fixed it, and lo! we have heat again.  Yesterday my boyfriend brought me on a surprise ice-skating trip in town, in Spinningfields, and then to a beautiful Armenian restaurant in Albert Square; today we're eating dinner at quarter to one in the morning.  WILD LIVES.  That's about it.  I'll do MA posting asap. 

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