I'm tardy and idiotic

Okay, I owe you a post about Mr. Amis.  It's not written yet, but in my head, it's massively entertaining.  Sorry.  You'll have it by the weekend, I swear.

In surpising other news (I really have very little other news; between this course and my job, I'm forgetting what it is other people do between periods of sleep), a story of mine is going to be in the next Every Day Fiction Anthology.  The story's called 'A House, A Home', and you should be able to click on it over there in the sidebar.  So that's excellent; I haven't really had much luck with print before, and I'll even get paid a dollar!

Plus, because the MA-related exhaustion has warped my brain and caused me to act in ridiculous ways, I've signed up for this year's NaNoWriMo (say that ten times while drunk).  This may well be one of the more idiotic things I've ever done while sober, but perhaps it'll be productive and exhilarating.  Wait and see.  If I stop updating here, you can assume it's been the death of me.  I'll get that Amis post up on Saturday, before the madness kicks in.   

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