Who wants a free yo-yo?

So, September 1st - the start of the course is looming, and the reading list is still undented. I dutifully shipped Henry James (in the form of What Maisie Knew) to Dublin with me for a long weekend, and spent four days going to christenings, changing nappies, bringing kids to the zoo, eating the goody-bags that said kids were supposed to eat after said christenings, but which I commandeered instead, and now I'm full of jellies and crisps and tiny little Milky Way bars, and my knowledge of Maisie's knowings is still quite pitiful. So the goals this week are:

(a) find out what the little terror does in fact know;
(b) bolt through at least two more texts on the list;
(c) get the online university registration done;
(d) go to work on Thursday;
(e) move house on Friday.

This last item is the one that makes me laugh, and invalidates the rest - and anyway, I need to find a shitload of cardboard boxes by tomorrow to get the whole thing underway. Oh, the hilarity! Dudes - send boxes. Or, wait - men with boxes and bubble-wrap. That would be sweet. First one to do my packing for me gets the last goody-bag. It comes with a free yo-yo.

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