Spooky Internet

The landline at my old flat has been disconnected today, as I asked, and so the phone no longer works, but, spookily, I've still got broadband.  What's that all about?  I'm confused.  Confused and happy, though.  Creepy, magical internet access.  Tomorrow I go back up to Manchester (this week's been all about DIY and cleaning)  where I'll technically have a functioning landline, though no actual phone yet, but O2 (or, Those Unbelievably Incompetent Bastards From Hell, to give them their full title) claim it'll take at least two weeks to get the broadband moved. because, clearly, it's not just a matter of inputting details in their system.  No, no; they'll be sending the flying monkeys all over the country to sort this shit out, and communicating with the monkeys via an intricate and time-consuming system of coloured flags and flashing lights and bullshit.  So two weeks is probably optimistic.  

Anyway - three whole days to go!  I'm going shopping this weekend to buy new pens and paper and folders to make the whole back-to-school thing complete.  I might need to be restrained in the stationary shop or I'll blow my rent budget on coloured pens and highlighters and tipex and I better stop now.

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