Before I launch into the proper first week of classes and workshopping, I quickly wanted to mention the readings I went to last week.  On Tuesday we navigated our way along the M61 to Preston (only getting lost once, mistaking a carpark for the ringroad, my bad) to Word Soup 5, run by the lovely Jenn Ashworth.  Numberous things were read (see their website and Facebook page) and it was fantastic to meet Jenn in real life (I've pestered this poor woman so long via email etc that I wouldn't have been surprised if she ran screaming into the night at the sight of my gurning mug in the audience) and also, a newer online acquaintence, Kim McGowan, who gave me a great big hug.  So nobody ran screaming, and thus the night was a success!  Score one for my social skills - wham!  I also got to hang out with Steven Hall (reading The Raw Sharks Texts at the moment, shamed into pulling it off the TBR pile by meeting the ever-so-nice author), and Mel, and Sian, and hi to everyone else whose names I didn't catch.  Y'all were an absolute pleasure, and you didn't scream, and Preston rocked.

Then on Wednesday the PhD students in the department here had a reading of their works in progress in Manchester's Central Library.  The standard of the work was very high, and the variety in genres and forms on display that afternoon was impressive.  It gave me plenty of confidence in the department here.  No links, I'm afraid; I'm an ass who didn't get names.

And now I better not be late for the first class, seeing as I read the text and all.  Ciao.

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