one week to go!

One week to go before the course starts.  A good friend of mine started a part-time MA in Chichester last week, and now I'm really itching to get going on mine, though I'm already worried about the workload.  But let's suppress that, shall we, and get on with things, eh?

In between lugging boxes of crap up and down the country and cleaning the dirtiest oven known to man (I've never, NEVER seen such a coagulation of grease - we were half-expecting Joseph Beuys to come crawling out of there looking triumphant and sort of evil) and getting coughed on by a swine-infested boyfriend (who did most of the oven cleaning, bless him but he is a massive fan of Beuys, so there you go); in between those things, I got Austerlitz and Muriel Spark read and am onto some lightweight lit-crit in the shape of Forster's Aspects of the Novel.  Break back into to it gently, I thought.

Plus I won a copy of Blake Butler's Scorch Atlas in a PANK giveaway (I love you, Roxane!) and also, I got in the post today a copy of Shane Jones' Light Boxes - a million months after everyone else, fine, but I'm still really looking forward to it.  Gotta get through the Forster first, though, and then some Bolano.  Man, I'm getting workload-fear again.

I've also heard that I'm in the final fifteen of a short story competition, which is really exciting because I've never had any competion luck before.  Even if I get no further, I'm still unbelievably psyched by that.  Cheers, contest-people-who-shall-remain-anonymous-for-the-time-being.  High five.


Fi said...

Hurrah for being in the final 15! That is indeed very special in itself. I get a little pang of workload fear just reading about the books you must read. Eek.


Valerie O'Riordan said...

Try looking at the pile of them on the floor! I think they're ganging up on me.