It begins!

So; the MA is underway!  (That sort of ryhymes.  This is why I'm doing a creative writing course, people - SKILLZ.)

On an arsey preliminary note, though, before I blather on about the course, here's a mini-rant about one of our new neighbours, because I know you lot enjoy a rant as much as I do.  We got properly, finally, completely moved to Manchester Friday night, and on Saturday morning somebody in the house three doors down, who'll henceforth be known as the Psycho Bastard, let the air out of our car tyres. Oh, we were dancing in the street for hours.  Another neighbour then jacked up the car and pumped up the tyres for us, so I suppose the karma rebalanced; but we'll be parking around the block from now on.  The rage, the rage.

Anyway, yesterday was Day One; I went along to a School talk about interdisciplanary blah blah blah - and then over to the department itself (the rather fancy sounding Centre For New Writing) for the proper meet-and-greet.  They split us into two groups, poetry and fiction, though there was a certain amount of crossover, as the optional modue in the first semester allows you to take the 'other' workshop; I'm doing straight fiction, so my module is a lit crit class.  We were paired off and told to chat for a while, and then each of us had to introducce our partner.  There's about thirty people in the class, and a really interesting range of ages and backgrounds.  I was expecting a predominance of just-graduated BA students, and though there are a few people coming straight from their undergraduate degrees, there's a large number of people in their twenties and thirties and older, which made me feel altogether less sefl-conscious.  So we exchanged daft snippets of information about each other and chortled, and then the tutors talked about the course for a while.

We take two modules each semester.  This time I'll be doing a fiction workshop, and a course called Forms of  Fiction, and next semerster I'll do the second fiction workshop and Contemporary Fiction.  The lit classes will require one or two essays each, and the workshop tutors will ask for a writing sample to be submitted for assessment at the end of each semester.  Each student will get their work critted twice per semester by the group, and an individual session post-workshop with the relevant tutor.  There's about twelve students in each of these groups, so in theory, when you're up for workshop, you should get eleven marked-up printouts of your work, plus a separate page of notes from each person, the in-class discussion, and the tutor feedback, so I reckon it'll be pretty useful.  We'll also do writing exercises during the workshop, and discuss a series of set texts. The first workshops are next week, and we have to read a story and interview by Hemingway.  I'm not sure when my first workshp will be, they're going to solidify the schedule next week.

In the meantime, tonight I'm venturing to Preston for Word Soup, and I'm dragging two new classmates in the car with me, and meeting another one there.  Look at me; all sociable and shit.  Strange days.  And tomorrow, the PhD students are doing a reading in the central Library in town - this is a public ticketed event, so anyone can gom but we get free tickets - SCORE!  I've got my NUS card too, and though it makes me look horribly like Cousin It, it'll get me discounts all over the place.

I feel young again! 

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