I mentioned a while back that I'd reached the final fifteen of a competition; well, it was the Flatmancrooked Prize (for Excellent Writing Done During a Period of Great Fiscal Renewal) [love the title], but sadly, the final fifteen was as far as I went.  They haven't announced the winner yet, but I didn't make the final ten.  I'm still damn psyched though, as its the first time I've ever been shortlisted for something.  Plus the story will still be published on their website at some point during the next few months, so keep those eyes peeled.  Thanks for the congratulations, everyone.


kim mcgowan said...

People keep telling me I must get used to rejection but I can't. I want to lie on the floor beating my fists and rant about injustice and people not getting stuff.

But Top Fifteen and published isn't rejection it's wonderful!

Hope the course is going well.

kim x

Valerie O'Riordan said...

Thanks, Kim! So far, so good - I already have that 'oh god I should be working harder' feeling, but there you go...