I got my preliminary reading lists for my MA the other day, and went on an Amazon spree. For the sake of my bank balance, I'm relieved that I've already got quite a few of them, but I'm looking forward to plowing through the rest (or some of the rest) in the next month before classes start. There's a decent mix, from Bolano through to Chekhov and Muriel Spark, and a few critical texts, which it would behove me to read in the meantime, though whether I will bother doing that remains to be seen. It's been a staggering six years since I've had to read an academic textbook, and though I'm excited now, I guess I could give myself a generous estimate of a week in the libray before I'm pounding my head off the deskwith the same frustration that working for a living currently inspires in me. In the meantime, the househunting search begins in earnest, and I've got books to read.


Rosalind said...

sounds exciting! is it an eng lit MA?

Valerie O'Riordan said...

Creative Writing - following in your esteemed footsteps! But in Manchester, rather then Queens.