On A Day Like This

Jessica's rapidily ascending wordcount has put the shivers up me, so I've implemented a word-meter thing over there on the right - just to publically shame myself, you understand, because there's nothing like your three followers knowing you've done sweet-*&£%-all for a week to get those demons jumping. And jumping they are. I wrote more than a few paragraphs today, had a hack at a couple of old flashes and sent them out, and even made dinner. That's considerably more of an accomplishment that the rest, because I'd rather eat crackers three times a day than chop and fry things. (Andy, if you're reading this, I can take care of myself when you're out of town. In a manner of speaking.) I've also been listening to Elbow obsessively since returning from Norfolk, and it's all Zoe's fault. She won't know that because she doesn't do blogs. Zoe doesn't procrastinate like I do. Zoe's like a super-writer-lady. We love you, Zoe.

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