I've got one hundred posts under my belt. Par-tay!

Now, contrary to this evidence, I absolutely do not have too much time on my hands. In fact, I have so little time on my hands, I'm so overwhelmingly busy, that this post is coming to you from the past! Oh, yes; this is time-travel, ye internete folke - from the mists of August 11th this post comes. Creepy? You're not as creeped-out as me; who knows what kind of mixed-up futuristic madness awaits me? I might be addressing a horde of robotic monkey clone sheep monster machines.

It's totally possible.

Anyway, if there hasn't been an apocalypse in the meantime, I've got a humble request for the three of you that read this, the three of you that I love so much.

I'm taking part in a half-marathon in London this October, and I'm trying to raise money for Cancer Research UK. This is the fundraising link. It's a cause with particular resonance for me at the moment, as you'll see if you click through. I feel a little cheeky petitioning the world at large for cash like this, but the older I get, the more people I know whose lives are completely blown apart by cancer, and the more funding the research gets, the greater the chance that the disease might one day be eradicated. So if you can spare a penny, please support us.

And if I collapse at the finishing line, I promise I'll post a photo.

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