Another Day, Another Riot

I used to listen to Toasted Heretic quite a bit back in my post-university script-writing-on-the-dole days. (€3.50 a day budget, no lunch unless you were buying, oh-god-somebody-give-me-a-job - ah, memories.) But I never made the connection between their frontman Julian, and the novelist Julian Gough, until a couple of days ago, when I had a look at his blog. Then I felt like a prize buffoon. I mean, really, though; how many Julians have you heard of? Anyway, for the sake of the poor old days, check out this video of maybe their best known song, and this interview on The Den, my favourite TV show as a kid, and the rightful home of Zig and Zag before they sold out to the Brits and went all 'cool'. Oh yes.

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