All Apologies

I've been very slack with the old blog this week; if anyone's held their breath with anticipation for so long that their head's fallen off or their lungs exploded or something else equally gruesome and unappealing, then sorry, but, dude, really, you should have just gone and browsed Wikipedia or some shit. That's probably what I was doing instead of updating. Ahem.

I've actually been hunting houses, and have found one - well, part of one, a flat - in South Manchester, so woo-hoo for that, and, thanks to an expensive overlap in my new contract beginning and the tenants moving into my Birmingham flat, I'll be spending this next month wandering back and forth between the two cities, putting things into boxes and taking them back out again at a leisurely pace. I'm the opposite of homeless - I have an overabundance of places to live. Though, their powers combined, they could impoverish me to a pretty malnourished state by mid-September. Please send food parcels.

Writing-wise, nothing much is happening, a couple of publications pending and a few outstanding submissions, and I've got a ton of reading to do, but hopefully once the packing is underway it'll all pick up. You all hang in there now, 'kay?

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