Helen deWitt

I just came across this article, written almost two years ago now, by Helen DeWitt, about her fight to retain control of the punctuation and typesetting of The Last Samurai. It sounds dizzying. I read that book years ago - found it at the bottom of a bargain bin in the basement of a bookshop, and I thought it was fantastic - very original, very absorbing - and definitely very idiosyncratic. And now I'm kind of fascinated by her doctoral thesis. Gotta let that one go.

I'm off to Liverpool in a few minutes for a day and a night, to check out Antony Gormley's Another Place, his statues at Crosby Beach - not a huge Gormley fan, but I think that particular project is outstanding - and to see the Colour exhibition at the Tate, and celebrate my 29th birthday tomorrow. I feel old and creaky.

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Nik Perring said...

Happy birthday for tomorrow! And enjoy Crosby!