better late

I finally got around to buying a copy of 6s, Volume 2 a couple of weeks ago, and it was waiting for me when I got back from work on Friday. It's a fancy thing to see yourself in print. I've got two short pieces in there, and now I'm looking forward to wading through all the other contributions. Nice!


Jessica said...

My mum borrowed my copy and now its been swallowed by her book shelves. Must get another copy :)

Rosalind said...

Ooo, that is splendid - I'll have to get a copy too. WELL DONE VALERIE!!!!

Valerie O'Riordan said...

Get thee to Amazone, Jessica! I'll have to hunt you out in the book, too.

Thanks Ros! And, yeah, my responses are so rapid, I suprise even myself... It's a nice book, lots of reading.