vote, bleurgh

It took me an hour to find my polling station today. Obviously unemployment has messed up my common sense. It was about a hundred yards from my house. Maybe the internet could spot me a sat-nav, though it would probably just laugh electronically at me and call me names. I've heard they can do that.

I found out today that I didn't get some funding I'd hoped I might get, so I retaliated against the world by mumbling incoherently to myself and emailing people who I thought would be likely to rant and rail on my behalf. They obliged, so that was nice. We all went 'grrrr, argghhh' together.

However, my free copy of the 2010 Writer's Handbook turned up yesterday (thanks again Nicola), which made me feel dead professional. Then Ryan Manning emailed, wanting to interview me. It was like I was 'official'. Score! Goal! I felt very writerly.

I've spent today reworking old rejected stuff, in an attempt to clear the backlog of awful crap that clogs up the computer. So hopefully some progress will be made.

To the kettle with me now; as you were.

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