Whenever I get a rejection I get a panicky urge to rewrite the story, rather than assuming that the work's okay, it just wasn't to the taste of that particular editor. I'm pretty sure that other people do that too, and it's not that I'm especially paranoid or insecure. I don't always give in to it, although I will reread and reproof the piece, just in case. It's a solid way to procrastinate, though, and it vies with the Gilmore Girls as one of my Ways To Avoid Doing Hard Stuff. Without a deadline, I'm more inclined to edit the hell out of things than to start on something new. Do you guys (all three of you) do this too, or are you able to freely spew out the new words without somebody kicking you up the ass? Damn you all to hell.

Plus, check out Ad Lad's Pad. Saying it like it is, since, um, a few weeks ago. Go, Ad Lad!

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