I checked my blog stats last night, and I just want to say a quick hello to the person who found me through an aol search for something that rhymes with 'milthy pay gorn' - see previous posts. Dude, you've gotta be ultra-disappointed. Bummer. (Ha!)

I've spent the past two days (while in work; darn work) devouring A.L. Kennedy's Day - I was blown away by it. It's astounding. Everyone, go and read it now! She captures the character's voice in the most powerful way, and I love the way she uses language - so fluid and vivid and hard at the same time. I've got a collection of stories by her in my to-read pile, so I'll get onto that soon.

I've been reading a lot of short fiction lately but I love a good novel, so I'm going to alternate story collections and longer works until I make some headway on the backlog. I think blasting through a bunch of short stories doesn't do them any favours - they get lost in the deluge of plots and words and the rest. Still, must clear tottering pile or will get crushed.

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Vanessa Gebbie said...

I loved 'Day' too. v