get your leather on

There's something odd about the wall-to-wall Glastonbury coverage on TV - I think it devalues the live experience. But then, I'm too lazy/broke/old to actually go, so I'm watching it on the Red Button. Oooh, technology. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are on now. I love these guys. If I could carry a tune, I'd kidnap KarenO and keep her in my apartment and impersonate her on stage and generally do a SWF on her. My boyfriend would think all his Christmasses had come at once. But I can't do the singing thing, so I'll keep watching the gig from the sofa and plotting other ways to secure infamy fame and glory.

PS: The Beeb have just gotten one of the track names wrong on their strap. GOD. Here, watch this.

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Crispin Best said...

such a good video yes