back to work tomorrow...

...but only for three days. I can handle three days, and my bank balance will be my best friend for a couple of weeks afterwards.

This will be the start of my freelance career, and a temporary blip in my otherwise idle life. But I'm very much enjoying my idle life. I don't get a hell of a lot done on a daily basis, but I'm certainly waaay less stressed. Work seems more manageable on a project-by-project basis, even if I'll have to sort out my own taxes. I'm getting much more reading done, and if I'm not getting quite as much writing done as I'd have hoped, I'm definitely increasing my output, and that's a good thing.

That said, tonight, rather than writing, I'm settling down to watch Dollhouse, and totally looking forward to it. I tried to watch the first episode last week only to discover I'd accidentally downloaded a video of naked men doing 'stuff' to one another instead. I'd spell it out more concisely but then the search engines might pick it up and I'd get unwanted traffic to the site. But hey, all publicity is good publicity, right? Gay porn - it was two hours of filthy gay porn. Hey, visitors! Welcome! Explore the links!

I'm going away now.


Nik Perring said...

Ha! This made me giggle muchly! And that aside I'm not sure quite what else to say! ;)


Ad Lad said...

Freelancing rocks. I love it so much I do it even when I'm working! Although I do find watching porn, regardless of the genre, does tend to mess with the concentration a bit.