So, one week of freedom down and I have:

Painted many doors and skirting boards.
Broken my wardrobe.
Left the house maybe five times.
Gotten incredibly drunk at my work 'leaving do'.
Cleaned part of the floor.
Watched old episodes of The IT Crowd.
Contemplated getting a new phone contract so get a free PlayStation 3.

This last one is an ongoing dilemma. My phone has started to go funny and it'd be nice to get a new one, but if I do, it will come with either a wii or a PS3 and I really shouldn't be buying games and BluRay discs when I'm not earning anything. Decision - postponed. Although I have fond memories of playing endless computer games the last time I was unemployed, I should be moving onwards - right?

Writing-wise, I've had several rejections, an acceptance (woo-hoo!) and a rejection that suggested I send them on other work. So I've worked on a story to send the editor and now I'm hesitating before sending it, worried that she'll hate it and it'll be really embarrassing and I won't want to leave the house ever again. Except, of course, I've barely left the house all week anyway, so, whatever.

I was given several books by my old colleagues when I left, as a 'get out and leave us the hell alone' gift, including 1001 Books You Must Read before You Die. Way to make a girl feel inadequate. It turns out that all the books I've wasted my time reading over the past years are utterly insignificant. I immediately plunged at my 'to read' pile to grab the only one in there that was on the list, The Good Soldier, which, of course, turned out to be excellent, so now I'll end up obsessively referring to the List when I buy things. And means that the books that have been languishing at the bottom of that pile for months (or years) may never see the light of day. They'll have to be my 'pity reads.'

Back to the IT Crowd; as you were.

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