The Salt 'Just One Book' campaign has gone mainstream - Vanessa Gebbie's just posted that Chris Hamilton Emery is going to be interviewed on Newsnight Review this Friday - a weekly arts round-up TV show, for non-UK folk - so check it out on BBC 1, 11 pm, Friday 29th May. I doubt I'll see this myself - I'll be down in London at Tales of the Decongested, a live lit event dedicated to the short story, which is being hosted this week by two friends of mine, Pauline and Martin, and here's an enthusiastic YO to those dudes - but I'll record it and catch it later. So will this mean a burst of publicity for the short story? I hope so - Salt certainly stands to gain, but maybe the exposure will help other independent publishers too, and perhaps it'll spread the word to the viewers (and this is a high-profile show) that the short story isn't an obscure or difficult or otherwise dodgy genre, but one that's immensely enjoyable and accessible and worthwhile. Go Team Short Fiction! (And poetry too, yo.)


Jessica said...

I stumbled across from Nik's blog and I thought I would say Hi :)


Valerie O'Riordan said...

Hi Jess!

Great poem on IS&T. I'm in 6 V2 as well - haven't got my copy yet (damn internatinal postage prices!) - but I'll have to check yours out too when I finally get my ass in gear.. Thanks for popping by, and hope the novel's going well :-)