recovering now

I've just submitted a last-minute entry to the City of Derby comp. It was quite a struggle to get the story polished up because I was watching Police Academy 4 at the same time. Mine's the story with the Citizens on Patrol. I think.

I also just won a competition - not a writing one, but a random selection name-out-of-a-hat one - but, you know, whatever, maybe my name has magnetic powers or somesuch. I'll probably try to capitalise on that, in these job-less times. Anyway, I won a copy of the Writer's Handbook, courtesy of the ever-informative and fabulously-booted Nicola Morgan. Score!

On Friday I went down to London to attend Tales of the Decongested in Foyles on the Charing Cross Road. This month's night was being run by two friends and writing colleagues of mine, Pauline Mason and Martin Reed. They promised spandex and sadly didn't deliver, but they did deliver a massively entertaining evening of readings from a great bunch of writers, some new to the game and some more experienced readers. I was especially chuffed to meet Adam Marek, whose first collection I've been meaning to buy for quite a while now. I bought a copy from the author himself after the event, and the stories I've read so far have been ace. And I got to meet several more writing friends in the flesh for the first time - hi again to Jac and Jacky and Claudia! So all in all, a great night, and a round of applause to Martin and Pauline. Also a big wave to Martin's family who housed me for the night, and I think we can all shuffle up on the writing bench to make room for his talented daughter Chloe, who's well on her way to writing the socks off the rest of us. Go, Chloe!

I spent Saturday wandering around London in the glorious sunshine with an old friend, eating spaghetti, drinking mocha frappuccinos (not Orange Mocha Frappuccinos though, and there were no petrol fights) and following them up with good old beer.

Then I slept most of today.

Top weekend!

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