ten days...

...until I'm no longer a full-time employee. Eight days, really, since my last official day is next Sunday but my last actual working day is next Friday. Eight days, mofos! The last three of then will be spent away on an off-site project, where I'll get to work in a portacabin (boo), and stay in a hotel for free (yessss), and sit up drinking in the hotel bar half the night, every night, knowing that I'm outta there by the weekend so I may as well spend the last couple of days hungover as all hell (whoop!).

This week I've been having my bathroom renovated so I've been periodically without minor things like a shower and a functioning toilet. They have showers and toilets in work - we're just that fancy - so it's a good thing I didn't plan the renovation for a couple of weeks time, when I would have been both unemployed and smelly. One thing at a time. The plumber got the toilet in today but we have to wait until the floor tiles are set before we can go in and make use of it. It's sitting there looking at me, all porcelain and nonchalant, and ever so inaccessible. Bastard.

Anyway. Back to waiting for my job to end and the tiles to set. While reading Beckett. Never let it be said I don't stick to a theme.

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