ten days...

...until I'm no longer a full-time employee. Eight days, really, since my last official day is next Sunday but my last actual working day is next Friday. Eight days, mofos! The last three of then will be spent away on an off-site project, where I'll get to work in a portacabin (boo), and stay in a hotel for free (yessss), and sit up drinking in the hotel bar half the night, every night, knowing that I'm outta there by the weekend so I may as well spend the last couple of days hungover as all hell (whoop!).

This week I've been having my bathroom renovated so I've been periodically without minor things like a shower and a functioning toilet. They have showers and toilets in work - we're just that fancy - so it's a good thing I didn't plan the renovation for a couple of weeks time, when I would have been both unemployed and smelly. One thing at a time. The plumber got the toilet in today but we have to wait until the floor tiles are set before we can go in and make use of it. It's sitting there looking at me, all porcelain and nonchalant, and ever so inaccessible. Bastard.

Anyway. Back to waiting for my job to end and the tiles to set. While reading Beckett. Never let it be said I don't stick to a theme.


I have a piece up at Pequin. I'm really pleased with this - it's something I wrote months ago, and one of the first things I ever subbed. Thanks again, Steven!


Round of applause, please, for these peoples I know that have been nominated for a Million Writers Award Notable Story 2008: Crispin, Vanessa, and Ben!


Okay, I didn't quite finish 2666 yet. But I've got less than 150 pages to go, and it's hotting up, so we're on the home straight. I have to get it finished pronto because there's a pile of unread books threatening to fall over and swamp the living room if I don't tackle it soon, so this is really a logistical mission, as well as an intellectual one. I'm going to read it RIGHT NOW. This is me turning the pages. Listen. Page 772. Go.

"read" this

Some geeky hilarity to go with the chocolate: Unnecessary Quotes

happy easter, y'all

And by y'all, I'm mainly talking to my one official follower (hey Nik!), and my six mysterious google reader subscribers. I love you all, almost as much as I love the chocolate that I'm about to eat. Happy Easter-Jesus-Bunny-Cadbury Day!


I have a piece - my first one in actual inky print! - in the now-available-on-Amazon.com 6S, Volume 2. I'm not actually sure which piece it is - I sent them two - but never mind that, I'll find out once I get a copy of the book. Whoop! Six Sentences was the first place I ever had something published, too, so this is extra-nice.

R Minus Four Weeks

I'll be unemployed in four weeks. Everyone else is job-hunting and I'm throwing one away. How crazy am I? Let's wait for a little more than four weeks and see what happens. I predict sunshine and reading and sleeping in past seven-thirty am, and maybe some sangria in the afternoon. Good times. Bring it on.

I want to get lots of reading done over the weekend. I'm still veeeerrrrrryyyyy slowly making my way through 2666; if I finish it by Tuesday I owe myself a pint for dedication. If I don't finish it by Tuesday I owe myself a pint for relaxation. I win!

I downloaded Religulous to watch for more weekend joy; if I don't laugh my head off, I owe myself a pint for hard drive wastage. If I do laugh myself stupid, I owe myself a pint for good downloading choices. Beer!

You see where this is going. I'm thirsty.

waiting sucks

I've been staring at the computer in work for the past half an hour, waiting for it to finish doing its godawfully dull thing so I can get onto starting the next thing, which I should have finished an hour ago anyway, and which will probably be twice as dull as the thing it's doing now, during which I can at least go online and complain about it.


I have no publications to report, sadly, but I have been getting plenty of writing done lately, so big thumbs up for me. High five, internets. I've got a growing folder of things that need editing, and that'll keep me busy when I'm finished my job (4.5 weeks!) and trying to stave off the unemployment angst. Bring on the angst.

Here - read this.

Alfonso was a King

I have a thing up at Crispin's historical whatchamacallit, For Every Year. The guy in the story is dead, so he can't sue me for maybe making him look not-so-good. Brilliant. Send Crispin your stories; the site explains itself and is a pretty darn good idea.

Less than six weeks left at The Job.

End Transmission.