The Ledge

I've just read the saddest short story I've ever come across; The Ledge, by Lawrence Sargent Hall. I don't know how I've never found it before, but it's in American Short Story Masterpieces, which I'm slowly making my way through, and about a million other anthologies, or so t'internet tells me. I just did a quick search and found the story online in several parts. Have a look, but I'll add a NSFW caveat, seeing as it never seems quite cool for your boss to find you blubbing away at your desk like a big baby. Or is that just me?

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Anonymous said...

I blubbered, too. I began crying as soon as I learned the skiff had slipped away and the three were stranded on the ledge.

I cried when the nephew never answered as his name was called out by the fisherman.

I cried when the father tried to do his best by lifting his son on his shoulders as the water rises, and I cried when the fisherman's wife sees her husband dead on land with their son's boot under his arm pit.

I thank you for saying it's the saddest story you ever read. It's the same for me as well.