46: A Kind Of Intimacy

I got Jenn Ashworth's new novel, A Kind Of Intimacy, in the post this morning. Since I had the day off, I sat down to read it, and saving breaks to boil the kettle, I devoured it in a single sitting. I'm so impressed that this was a first novel. The main character, Annie, is such a strong narrator, and Jenn builds up the tension so powerfully, without ever disrupting the credibility of Annie's voice, that I found myself hunched up on the sofa muttering oh god, no, oh god, to myself at certain points. It reminded me a little of Notes On A Scandal, the way the unreliability of the narrator's voice comes slowly out and how thoroughly I became immersed in Annie's life and emotions. Brilliant stuff. I can't wait to see what Jenn does next. Bring on the squid story.

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What a fab blog! Good on Jenn for introducing me to it (and top choice of template too!).