42: fail

Well, it seems that I've not been shortlisted for the Grist competition. For some reason, the longer the wait between submitting something and getting a response, the more optimistic (or at least, neutrally calm) I get about my chances of success, which is a bit strange, since in the immediate days or weeks after submissions I get fiercely pessimistic about it all, and I tend towards doom and gloom anyway, with dire predictions of catastrophic horror peppering most of my conversations. (I'm looking to my colleagues and my beleaguered partner for confirmation here.) And yet, I was unreasonably optimistic about this competition. Probably because there was an entry fee, and if they have my money, then there's voodoo afoot, and I must surely win! (Only my money does voodoo - not yours.) That'll learn me: my voodoo needs an MOT. Now, I haven't been submitting at all recently, so I'm going to have to have a scout around for somewhere else to send this particular story. Goddamn: effort? What's going on here? I did not sign up for this kind of pain. I want the magic winning, people.

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