36: ever

I read Blake Butler's Ever earlier this week. It was fascinating - incredibly dense, visceral, non-stop hallucinatory... I had to keep stopping and rereading sections. The way he uses parentheses to layer the narrator's voice is wonderful. And the illustrations - the whole physical design of the book - gorgeous... The girl's monologue is so sharp and crowded and sad. The way architecture and the mind are melded and confused and opened up - that was fascinating. It was like ontology and design and linguistics and confessions and psychiatry all mixed up and poured out as poetry. This is a bit of a rambling reaction, but I found it a really difficult book to pin down - probably because I'm not particularly knowledgeable about the kind of experimental fiction that Blake is exploring here - and I wouldn't know how to categorise or summarize Ever, but I thought it was heart-wrenching and difficult and dense and brilliant. Buy it, buy it, buy it.

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