32: friends?

So in Manchester tonight there's the latest No Point In Not Being Friends event, doubling as a launch for Chris Killen's The Bird Room, with lots of other people reading stuff too, including Jenn Ashworth, whose book is out in March, and MJ Hyland who I love and will maybe meet someday please, and Blake Butler (via video) whose book Ever is on my sitting room floor yearning to be read. Go, go, go to this thing.

(Here I am, blurbing this, when I live in Birmingham and know these guys 'online' only and have never been to one of their events. What does this say about my social skillz? Don't answer that. I know flesh-people too. I swear. I'm going to go 'interact' with them right now. I really am.)


Jenn said...

Hey - thanks for the plug.

It was a good night. I hope you can come and make the next one, they are always fun.

Valerie O'Riordan said...

No problem Jenn. I hope it went well... I'll have to see if I can make it sometime, it would be really cool. I'm hoping to be moving up to Manchester in September so I'll definitly make it then, if not before!