27: back!

Well, Lanzarote is alleged to have less rainfall per annum than the Sahara, and, hahaha, we got it all last week. All of it. But on the other hand, in the two or three sunny interludes, I did get to go into a volcanic crater, knacker my knee on a slide in a fantabulous water park, and - best - go on a camel! This brings the total of Animals I've Been On to four, also counting an elephant and, less exciting, various horses and a donkey. It could go to five if I counted numerous abortive attempts to get my dog to carry me around when I was about eleven, but I should probably leave that out of the official tally. Also on holidays I finished reading Denis Johnson's Tree of Smoke, which was absolutely brilliant, and reread Sylvia Plath's Johnny Panic which was more disappointing that I remembered it being in university, and I hadn't really liked it then. That'll teach me to nostalgically buy random stuff from Oxfam and drag them halfway down the coast of Africa on a dodgy easyJet plane. While we were skulking about indoors in the resort we had to pay €1 for 20 measly internet minutes every two days or so to try and counteract the nasty no internet syndrome that sent me into a twitching gibbering wreck, and queues of people kept forming behind me as I was trying to read about 95 Google Reader updates in twelve minutes flat. But I'm back now and feeling calmer and more up-to-date. I've ordered Blake Butler's new book, Ever, and am pretty excited about that. And, and, I've also got a new story up on For Every Year, also to be found here as part of Crispin Best's latest publishing extravaganza. Go, go, go!



thanks for ordering the book Valerie. I hope you enjoy it!

Crispin Best said...

welcome back!

blake is a dynamo

happy hannukah