20: sixes and sevenses

Here is a Six that I've got on the interweb today, and here are seven amazing facts about me that Crispin has demanded. Go!
  1. I used to work in a factory where my job was to put little things called 'hole-tights' in holes in circuit-boards to make the 'holes' on the circuit-boards 'tighter'. We weren't allowed to walk on any bit of the factory floor that was carpeted, because we weren't important enough.

  2. I could live off popcorn and toast if I tried.

  3. Children can't pronounce my name and one boy's best attempt was 'Battery'.

  4. An old German man also pronounced it 'Celery.'

  5. Two of my neighbours think I'm called Betty and it's gone on too long to set them straight.

  6. I hate cheese.

  7. I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Pass it on, pass it on, people on the internet:

Brian Griffin
Rosalind Haslett
Xander Harris
Hans Moleman
Pope Benedict XVI
The Onion
Richard Dawkins

(8. I don't know very many people with blogs. I do know one of those people but I bet she won't see this)


Rosalind said...

Yes she did! Like your blog and very excited you are writing flash fiction - anything else published online?You are my first blog-buddy. X

Valerie O'Riordan said...

Hey Ros! There's a list on the left of the blog - I've got a few things out there at the moment being considered by strangers - we'll see! You're the first person to comment on this blog that I know in the real world too - high five!