16: car car car

Today we hired a car for the weekend and the novelty of driving to the shop was IMMENSE. I'm looking forward to Sat Nav Robot guiding me about the country tomorrow. WHERE THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING, IDIOT?! etc. But probably it'll be quite polite even if we get ridiculously lost. The last time I drove to a far-afield place (drove? me? no, somebody else drove, my life skills at the age of 28 are awful) instead of ending up at our temporary workplace we pulled up outside Legoland. Maybe my homing instincts are those of a six year old boy. It would explain my fondness for alphabet spaghetti. If anyone in the Bedford region overhears a TomTom having a nervous breakdown on Sunday afternoon, y'all say hi now.

(No writing news - submissions are happening; replies are not.)

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