15: Dogmatika

I finished the story I've been working on for the past couple of weeks, and sent it off, but I won't hear anything back on that for ages and ages and ages and ages. I will however have a story in the next Dogmatika (thanks Susan!) which is good, but in the meantime, gotta get my thinking cap on and get writing, seeing as the next couple of weeks will probably be lazy and full of alcohol, and all work will grind to a halt. Holidays!


Crispin Best said...

another internet person!


the verification for this comment was 'uraweeni'
but then for no reason it changed to 'milly'


Valerie said...

well! I am APPALLLED. Appalled. Appalled. The word is losing all meaning. But I am still it. I am APPALLED. At the censorship. APPALLED.