10: Quiet

I sent off an entry for this a few days ago - gotta love the shady non-specific mention of an indeterminate 'cash-prize'. So now I need something else to keep me busy. I've tried this but it made me feel waaay too murderous.

9: Six More

I've got something on 6S Ning today, and I won a bottle of wine at a pub quiz last night, so all's GOOD.

8: Hmm

Lionel Shriver has a few notions that sound somewhat ill-considered. And Crispin says goodbye to the Big Crab today. So long, Big Crab.

7: Success!

Pequin emailed me today to accept a story I sent them only yesterday - cue much excitement. They'll have it up in late January. Feeling a little giddy...

6: Report

Today I have mostly been writing about wolves and pondering postal issues.

5: 1440

Here I am again, having served my commission. Having commissed? Hmm. Gilles, he has served me well.

4: Get Me!

I have a commission! But I won't be joining the army or mafia, and the European Union won't have me in their executive branch. More's the pity. I better not mess this up, or the internet's affections will cool off.

3: DIY

And not to forget this sad story.

2: 9 Things

Wufniks loves me, and I love them!

1: 6S

One publication closer to world domination. Thanks, Robert!